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1 Year, 12 issues - 2017 National Magazine Award Winner! Harper's Magazine offers quality fiction and nonfiction commentary on politics, literature, culture, and science. It's an eclectic blend of essays, fiction and reporting that ranges from the liberal to the conservative. Each issue of Harper's Magazine gives you the most stimulating writing by today's best observers and interpreters of what's happening in the world. A Harper's Magazine subscription would be a great gift for someone interested the the world around us and appreciates quality writing. Harper's has been published since 1850, making it the second-oldest continuously-running magazine in the country. If you aren't sure whether a Harper's Magazine subscription is right for you, look at our customer reviews and decide whether it sounds like the right magazine for you.
---- Magazineline

This magazine is edited to cover current social, political, cultural, scientific and economic issues. It also includes reporting, essays, fiction and memoirs by distinguished writers and promising new voices. It regularly features a statistical index, short cuts from various international texts and close analysis of current pieces of media.
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