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Number of Issues
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DiscountMagazines MEN'S JOURNAL 12 $11.54 $ 0.96 Subscribe from DiscountMagazines
Magazineline MEN'S JOURNAL 6 $14.95 $ 2.49 Subscribe from Magazineline
DiscountMagazines MEN'S JOURNAL 24 $23.08 $ 0.96 Subscribe from DiscountMagazines
DiscountMagazines MEN'S JOURNAL 36 $34.62 $ 0.96 Subscribe from DiscountMagazines

1 Year, 6 issues - A magazine for men who want to explore and enjoy what the world has to offer, Men's Journal focuses on sports, fitness, travel, outdoor adventures such as biking and kayaking, and other adventurous activities.
---- Magazineline

Men's Journal is for men who love adventure. Each issue features product reviews on the gear you need - from sports equipment to computers and gadgets. This magazine subscription features workout guides, articles on men's health, and everything you need to know about sports, movies, food, drinks, cars and more.
---- DiscountMagazines



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