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1 Year, 26 issues - 2018 National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence! New York Magazine is the magazine of New York City, the biggest, most affluent market in the world. Every other week, New York Magazine combines cutting-edge reporting and commentary on life in New York for its readers. From politics, to fashion, to business, to dining and nightlife, insiders and outsiders, New York covers it all. We tell our readers what they need to know and when they need to know it. No other magazine articulates the lives and passions of its readers better than New York Magazine, the magazine for the city at the center of the world. Home delivery of 26 issues of New York magazine. Includes the New York mobile and tablet app! Download the New York app and follow the directions for setting up your profile.
---- Magazineline

This magazine is edited for those interested in critical examination of news, style, contemporary ideas and trends. It regularly deals with politics, business, literature, the fine arts, entertainment, home furnishings, food, wine and fashion.
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