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1 Year, 11 issues - Outdoor Photographer Magazine is written by the world's leading landscape, wildlife, sports and travel photographers. Every issue features advice on improving your photography, evaluations of the latest equipment and portfolios of stunning photographers. Subscribers to Outdoor Photographer Magazine depend upon its advice on choosing the right equipment, how to make it in the business and how to get that great shot. When it comes to equipment reviews, Outdoor Photographer focuses on the products that are uniquely suited to the challenges of taking photos outdoors. You'll learn how to take care of your current equipment and how to know when it's time to find something new. A gift subscription to Outdoor Photographer would be a thoughtful gift for any photographer, novice or professional.
---- Magazineline

The editorial emphasis of this magazine is on the practical use of the cameras in the field. It looks at the modern photographic world by encouraging photography as part of a lifestyle. It motivates readers to make use of equipment and their talents in conjunction with recreational activities. In addition, its articles intend to inspire readers to seek new equipment, try new techniques and travel to new destinations.
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