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Magazineline PEOPLE EN ESPANOL 10 $14.97 $ 1.50 Subscribe from Magazineline

1 Year, 10 issues - The Spanish language edition of People Magazine, People en Espanol features the work and lifestyles of people in the arts, sciences, business, and politics. Included are profiles of celebrities in film, television, music, and sports. A subscription to People en Espanol will also keep you up-to-date on the latest video, audio, and book releases that dominate today s Hispanic households. Teachers find that People en Espanol can be a great classroom tool because it s ' an authentic reading and cultural resource.' PEOPLE EN ESPA OL publishes one double issue. Each counts as two of the 10 issues in an annual subscription. PEOPLE EN ESPA OL may also publish occasional extra issues. Your first issue will mail 4-8 weeks from receipt of order.
---- Magazineline



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